Highlights Applications
• Reduce installation cost and provide outstanding   performance as good as refractory bricks. • Castable is an alternative to fireclay bricks for   applications such as sidewalls arc furnaces roofs, boilers,   heat exchangers, bubbling lances, glass furnaces,   reheating furnaces and blast furnaces in conditions   requiring extra strength.
• Ease of installation and economical in cost. • Application for cyclone preheaters of cement kilns,   burner pipes, nose rings, clinker coolers of cement   process, stacks, subbottoms of various types of furnaces,   etc.
• Casted and vibrated almost by the same style as   ordinary concrete.  
• Provide the better conditions with fewer joints in where   refractory bricks are incapable.  

Our manufacturing company is located in EGYPT and Established in 1992. We manufacture Refractory Materials, High Alumina Bricks, Castable Refractories, Special Shapes Bricks, Fire Clay, Fire Cement (Heat Resistant Cement) and Special Purpose Furnace .


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