Highlights Applications
• For bonding the individual refractory bricks and   protecting the joints from corrosive slag and other   fluxes. • Used for laying all type of refractory bricks or as a   neutral layer between bricks of any types and in   applications of chemical resistance.
• Available for uses in acid conditions and suitable for   bonding between insulation bricks.  
• High bonding trength with low shrinkage.  
• Provides resistance to air infiltration and outward flow   of gases.  
• Available for both heat setting mortars and air mortars.  

Our manufacturing company is located in EGYPT and Established in 1992. We manufacture Refractory Materials, High Alumina Bricks, Castable Refractories, Special Shapes Bricks, Fire Clay, Fire Cement (Heat Resistant Cement) and Special Purpose Furnace .


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